NOTE: The text written in this page only represents the thoughts of a human being on this earth. It does not intend to change your viewpoint or to encourage you to do something stupid !

One of the very fundamental questions that most of us ponder upon from time to time is the very reason of our existance. This very question has given birth to the concept of God, of Life after Birth , Body and Soul etc.

If you look at it all scientifically we are just chemical compounds where Carbon and other mineral and some acids/bases form what we call the Human Body. Off course our brain is very complex and it may contain some unknown compounds. God is there, after all who created these structures which make us.

Life after Birth and soul can be said to be our physiological platform upon which we base our existance. In real emperical terms they mean nothing. Perhaps soul is there, it is a like a software running on a computer ( our body ) which can't be seen. It is not a separate existance. Soul is our thoughts, our outlook toward the world, it exists only in our brain in the form of memory cells.

The motive in life is to do just your duty and go. Attaning riches which is the common goal of all today has no real meaning. It is more like a human created object which is oblivious. The basic is Karma or your duty. To quote the great healer Norman Vincent Peale "If you can't be a pine on top of the hill, be a shrub in the valley, but be". 'Shrubs' and 'Pine' has been created by the society but we have to accept it because we have to live in it . Thats the price for being a social animal.

We have to accept how things are. We are only human beings and thats the biggest tragedy ( Yes !) , if you look it that way. WE CAN'T CHANGE EVERYTHING. This fact has to be accepted by one and all. If not then it can interfere with our happiness, and since we have to exist , happiness is very important. Happiness is the chemical reaction in our brain which keeps us going.One should never feel guilty about being happy.

To remain happy is the only use of money and materialistic things. If such happiness can be achieved by other means then it is much better.

( As I discover Life more , others meanings of the planet will come out.

So keep hitting )

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