I belong to the Kumaon Hills and have my place of origin the village Bhargaon, a beautiful  place near the Hill station of Ranikhet in Uttaranchal , India. Ranikhet is also the home of Kumaon Regiment - one of Indian Army's crack infantry regiments.

Did my Schooling from St. Josephs School, Nainital and La Martiniere College, Lucknow. Thereafter did my Bachelors in Commerce , from the University of Lucknow .

I worked for DishnetDSL in Pune, India as Software Engineer and Team Leader for some time. Finished my MS in Computer Science at MichiganTech , MI with research specialization in Atmospheric simulations and parallel computing. Currently I stay in H-town of Texas ( Houston ) working for EPCON International.

 Ive had  a great fondness for computer programming since my childhood. Though I wrote a lot of applications in BASIC ( Im nostalgic bout those infinite GOTO's ) I cant put them in my download page simply cuz I dont have them :(( . However there are some network utilities I wrote in C++ which mite be useful to you. Check them out.

My main sports are Tennis   , Chess ( I'll win if we play in Starbucks  ) , Swimming and Scuba diving ( my certification dive in Lake Superior during the month of May was very memorable.. ask me WHY ? ).

My hobbies include Stamp Collection, Amateur Radio ( No Call Sign Yet .. and I dont think ill get it this lifetime thanks to DoT ) and astronomy. I am also a great cook and if you become a good pal of mine I ll let you check some of my UFO's ( Unidentified Frying Objects ).

Sometime I do tend to get a bit Philosphical , so why dont you read what I think. Maybe your and my views match ? Goto Philosphy.

Well You wanna know more about me ? You will have to mail  me.