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DISCLAIMER: All applications have been tested in standard environments. They might not run in certain cases. In such cases system malfunction is not the authors responsibility.

Header file with function to use the mouse in DOS based C / C++ programs

'E'cho program

An adaptation of the common ping program, this allows you to log pings in a file. Another great features is its ability to detect network breaks and log it into a file. Keep this feature on and you can find out how long your network goes down and when it come up.

Trying to develop a winsock client ? Most of the times you need a server to test your application with, which is a pain on Win98 machines . Here is a simple server (listener socket ) that can run on any port. It also logs your client-server data transfer in a file for debugging. You can specify the buffer size too. Command prompt based

Get your FQDN and IP address with this application. Command prompt based.


A COM based DLL that will give a complete array of POP3 server functions. Written in VC using ATL it might be a but heavy but works well with VB / VC apps. Working to make ti work with ASP.

WARNING: This DLL has been tested in standard desktop applications. There is no assurance of it working in web environment with ASP / ISAPI.

Web Server Source Code

A simple web server written in C++. Uses multi threading for serving multiple requests. Each user connection is treated as an object and data handling is done within it. Testes in Windows 9x with Winsock 1.1/2.0.

TCP/IP Header File

A Header (.h) file that has definitions for the TCP and IP headers. Unfortunately MS Winsock implementation does not allow access to these levels and you cant create your own TCP and  IP headers. Might work with MSD on UNIX/ LINUX

TCP/IP Header Description

A TCP/IP packet split up in a XLS file. Useful as reference