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This page is dedicated to militarymen decorated with the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest military honour. By their selfless service and sacrifice these persons have been immortalised in the hearts and minds of all Indians.





MAJOR Somnath Sharma (P)

4 Kumaon

KASHMIR / 1947

NAIK Jadunath Singh(P)

1 Rajput

KASHMIR / 1948

2 LT. Rama Raghaba Rane

Engineers ( Sappers )

KASHMIR / 1948

CHM Piru Singh(P)

6 Rajputana Rifles

KASHMIR / 1948

LANCE NAIK Karam Singh

1 Sikh

KASHMIR / 1948


3/1 Gorkha Rifles

CONGO / 1961

MAJOR Dhan Singh Thapa

1/8 Gorkha Rifles


SUBEDAR Joginder Singh(P)

1 Sikh

NEFA / 1962

MAJOR Shaitan Singh(P)

13 Kumaon

LADAKH / 1962

CQMH Abdul Hamid(P)

4 Grenadiers


LT. COLONEL AB Tarapore (P)

17 Horse


LANCE NAIK Albert Ekka (P)

14 Guards


2 LT. Arun Khetrapal(P)

17 Horse


MAJOR Hoshiar Singh

3 Grenadiers



Indian Air Force


Nb. SUBEDAR Bana Singh

8 J&K LightInfantry

SIACHEN / 1987

MAJOR R. Parameshwaran

8 Mahar

IPKF ( LTTE ) / 1987

P - Posthumous.

Of these great souls, only four are living legends today.

The Indian Defense Forces are one ofthe Largest in the World.

Indian Air Force World's 5thLargest
Indian Army World's 4th Largest
Indian Navy World's 7th Largest

The Officers and Men working in the Indian Army, AirForce and Navy are highly trained and motivated. There have been explempary examples of bravery perhaps unparalled in this wide world. Apart from the three wars India has acclaimed appreciation from all corners in all the UN missions.

Still Then due to apathetic lack of strategic thinking in our policy makers we continue to suffer at the hands of foreign countries. There are glaring examples of high degree of stupidity.

Consider this :


  1. The Agni missile should have been deployed bynow, but we bowed down to US pressure in 1994. Agni is ourbet for survival. If China attacks us ,how on earth are wesupposed to hit back. With stones may be ! Thank God , the programme has been broughtback, but the delay has caused much     loss.

  2. India's Inter Continental Ballistic Missile ICBM 'SURYA'  has to be brought from the drawing board to test stage. With'SURYA' in our arsenal China will not dare attack us. Also the strategic ,Submarine Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) 'SAGARIKA' has to be developed ASAP. This will greatly enhance the strikecapability of our 'Soft' Nation.

  3. We are still dilly dallying in mission critical projects. Arjun MBT should have been deployed long time back. In the next 10 years our Naval Strength is going to deplete to an alarming extent. But no large orders for news ships have been placed. INS Viraat India's lone Aircraft Carrier will be no more after the same period. Our plans to manufacture one is in Doldrums. Navy has to be given Top Priority.

The War of Kargil

  1. Pakistan is a nation unparalled in Stupidity. It lauched a low level but supremely well planned offensive in the Kargil sector of J&K in May 1999. The outcome was familiar, it got a bloody nose. But spoilt brats as our neighbours are, they still maintained that they had one. But this time no on listened, and the crying baby went back to his room. * Sob * 

  2. There is a saying in Hindi "Bandar ke haath me talwar de di, to wo apne ap ko mar dalega" ( Give a monkey sword and he will kill themselves. ) Out Paki babies have a master thief of the millenium in Dr. (I doubt that) AQ Khan who stole nuclear secrets from China / US and built a bomb, a nuclear one at that. Using that they threatened India. Fools didnt realize that even if 1 picogram nuclear bomb explodes our land , the very name of Pakistan will be wiped from the map of this earth.


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